And this is how my blog is revitalized. I experienced a drought in my life.. my desire to write shriveled. I did not entirely lose myself, but I did forget a piece of myself. Misplaced most likely. Somewhere. So I planted some blue flowers. Promise to forget-me-not.

documentation of my neuroses, eccentricities, imperfections, lame puns & other rad bullshit

Yung Shakespeare

Yung Shakespeare


I am very passionate about writing shitty poetry– you can often find me jotting down thoughts in my SECRET notebook or on napkins or on the notes in my iPhone! && some of that crap GETS PUBLISHED!!! Yaaaassss!!! I have an internship under Coffee House Writers, so here’s the links all compiled together for your convenience.

07.02.18// An Empty Porch

06.18.18// Cruise Control

06.04.18// To Not Suspect

04.30.18// Head On

03.26.18// Entropy Increases

03.12.18// Drinking Away My Desire

02.26.18// Still Rolling

02.05.18// Sway With A Corpse

01.15.18// Conversation With A Ceiling