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Easter? I thought you said weaster!

yuh either no or yuh know aye

If you don’t get that reference you can stop reading now because you probably won’t understand the very bad humor in this post!!!
Jk Jk Jk.
It’s a classic Spongebob episode reference. Please don’t judge me.
So Easter is either March or April, but this year it landed at the end of April…yeah not cool?!! What am I supposed to celebrate between St. Patrick’s Day & then?? Look I’m sorry, but I needed an excuse not to do my homework on a Friday night& this was definitely it.

First of all, I managed to make everyone who showed up wear white “BECAUSE EGGS”. I had no idea I had such power like woot woooot. I shall take over party themes today & then the six Infinity Stones (ultimately the universe). But yeahhh, still in shock that my homies listened to me & came in white outfits..CONFIDENCE BOOSTER!!! thx every1!!!

All it took was some fancy smancy Dollar Tree decorations, a basement, & a really awesome DJ (aka me with an aux cord).
I tried to ask around my pals to dress-up as the Easter Bunny & the other as Jesus & have them fight to the death, but no one was down unfortunately. I was surprised that my young adult friends were able to think so intelligently…I mean most of the time we are pretty vulnerable to anything reckless. Just say “You won’t” or “Bet” & suddenly we respond as if a gun was being held to our head & had no choice, but to do something outrageous.

I think an iconic moment was the Easter egg hunt. I made the biggest joke of the century. I had everyone searching for a golden egg that contained a Jager shooter. I hid a fake golden egg that was discovered fairly quickly & brought much disappoint to see that it was alcohol-free. With many confused expressions on my guest’s faces, I knew it was time to be real. I held up a giant compass where the “east” pointed to the room we were all in as I exclaimed “East? I thought you said weast!” I dramatically pointed to the ‘weast’ label that pointed towards another room. A stampede of who knows what ran through the door into the weast room…yuuup. Got ’em.

The clean-up wasn’t too bad. Well, I did purposely put out a giant trash can, which was completely empty the next day. I swear all of the trash bag was circling the fresh bag, but what can you expect? Most of us college students don’t know what garbage cans look like. Why? Within a few days they become completely consumed with gross shit & disappear underneath & normally aren’t finally taken out until the room smells like a rotting body.

I’d talk about more, but I do in fact believe it was a “you had to be there” kinda hootenanny.

Happy Weaster to all & to all a pretty okay kind of night!

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