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Um Why Is That Pizza Green?

Um Why Is That Pizza Green?

Before you judge the pizza for being green, you need to try it first. I mean isn’t that the polite thing to do?

I always see such creative recipes on Pinterest, so I pin them. Buuuttt rather than attempt those recipes, I end up just staring at a bunch of pins every time I go on and continually tell myself “someday I will make this”. Well, I finally decided that “someday” shall be December 26th. && I recruited my assistant chef, Tori (you might know her as the other Irwin).

Tori and I decided to go for the broccoli pizza crust because it sounded pretty basic (the only ingredients being broccoli, eggs, cheese, and some spices). To take it even further (since go big or go home am I right), we wanted to try the “green pizza”, which is made up of only green items such as pesto, green peppers, spinach, arugula, and avocado. Green is a cool color, especially to us Irish folk.

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When I cook, though, I can’t help but take short cuts. I tend to skip ingredients deemed ‘not important enough’ (by my judgement) or change around steps to make it easier. Obviously, this results in a lot of disasters, but I honestly haven’t learned at all from those mistakes, thus still take short cuts every time. In this instance, I decided to not use a food processor to chop up the broccoli, but instead use my hands (I washed them well first, don’t worry). My excuse: I just moved and didn’t know where the processor was and was too hungry to waste time looking.

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Due to this, the mixture was a wee bit chunky, but it was made with love, which practically guaranteed it’d taste amazing- right? (Main ingredients- sugar, spice, and everything nice)
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Not only did it not resemble a pizza, but it also didn’t resemble typical broccoli crust. But hey, we are nonconformists soooo it was all good.
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Here is an exclusive look at the finished product. And OH MY GOD it was delicious if you were wondering.

I realize ‘green’ is often perceived as ‘gross’ or is associated with health-conscious, wannabe alternatives that taste like cardboard. PLEASE PEOPLE do not make the mistake of assuming you won’t like this because it’s green. I can not stress that enough! ((Not to mention, there is cheese in the crust sooo there actually are more colors than just green in the pizza shhhh))

I am really excited to try making cauliflower crust and quinoa crust someday (hopefully someday soon) because I absolutely love pizza. And what better way to express that fiery passion than by playing around with a variety of homemade recipes? Annnnddd if anyone would like to join Tori and I with this pizza party adventure fun, feel free to drop by. Orrrr we can just go buy some pizza together instead.

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