And this is how my blog is revitalized. I experienced a drought in my life.. my desire to write shriveled. I did not entirely lose myself, but I did forget a piece of myself. Misplaced most likely. Somewhere. So I planted some blue flowers. Promise to forget-me-not.

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Flagstaff—what a culture shock..I mean growing up in Phoenix meant my life consisted around giant saguaros, the In ‘N’ Out secret menu, & Shane & Co. on Scottsdale & Tacoma…& then I came here. Lumberjack town.

A new civilization is quite a new form of existence. It leaves our minds with a “storage almost full” reminder as we overload with this foreign way of being.

Yeah, this blog post is not deep at all, but it’s the questions one asks the second they drive up that mountain & then down (where the cops hide) & back up again until one finally reaches good ol’ Flag. These questions plague my brain on a daily& I’ve compiled them in a post because why not? Like really..I am actually asking you to tell me: WHY NOT.

1. Skunk or weed?

2. Elevation or low alcohol tolerance?

3. Elevation or out of shape?

4. Elevation or just ugly?

5. U of A or ASU?? (sorry NAU is irrelevant even on campus)

6. Dara Thai, Pato, Ewa’s, Red Curry, Swaddee Thai, or Little Thai Kitchen??

7. Cold weather or just below 80 degrees?

8. Towerstation (og since day 1) or Coors Lite (fake fan)

9. Rawhide this weekend or Rawhide next weekend?

10. Shitty west side Walmart or east side Walmart?

11. Free Lodel merch or expensive NAU merch?

12. Flannel from Savers or Goodwill?

13. School not cancelled because snow or school still not cancelled because snow?

14. Grew up in Colorado or Southern California??

15. Chad’s party or Brad’s kickback?

16. Annual Pinecone Drop or weekly acid drop in the pines?

17. Louie Line or Jacks Line or Mountain Line or running from North to South campus in under twenty minutes?

18. Goes to tailgate to get drunk or because you actually think our football team will win?

19. Overpaying at the Grove or Fremont or The Hub?

20. The Hotspot or the Dub?

21. Tequila sunrise or tequila sunset?

22. Juul or Suorin?

23. Fortnite or beer pong?

24. Birkenstocks or Uggs?

25. Crying because you didn’t pass the chem readiness test for BIO 181 or because the person who sits next to you in STATS 201 is taking the class for a third time?

26. No snow because global warming or no snow because the fraternity showed up & snorted it all?


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