And this is how my blog is revitalized. I experienced a drought in my life.. my desire to write shriveled. I did not entirely lose myself, but I did forget a piece of myself. Misplaced most likely. Somewhere. So I planted some blue flowers. Promise to forget-me-not.

documentation of my neuroses, eccentricities, imperfections, lame puns & other rad bullshit




The way someone’s eyes glisten, their face lights up, their uncontrollable smile–

it’s absolutely exquisite. 

As the words roll from their lips, I watch carefully.

As they dive into their dreams & aspirations, I see it.

& what I see is difficult for me to formulate…I just can’t place the right adjectives in the right order to create an accurate description.

I remember sitting on one of those uncomfortable chairs that are included in every dorm room. My body was pointed towards the window. The anticipation man. I had never seen snow fall before & as the temperature dropped, my eagerness rapidly heightened. PLEASE PLEASE SNOW. I remember listening as my friend began to talk about the nooks & crannies of his favorite music genre.. actually more like gushed as he entered the trance of passion for this art. Not going to lie, a great deal of the time I had no idea what he was referencing & saying, yet I wanted to hear more& more. The intellect. The ardor. The intricacy. The explanations. Every. Single. Little. Detail. It did not matter that I was not at the same level of knowledge on the subject, the passion in his voice & movements were beautifully distinguished. Screw the snow. Tell me more.

Without passion it seems nearly impossible to find purpose within one’s life. There’s nothing more depressing than meeting a person who views just about everything as bland using “ugh” & “I’m tired” & “eh” & “sure I guess” & “I don’t do stuff” to sum up the daily. I mean one can have a passion for absolutely ANYTHING. Some have a passion for football, while others have a passion for Harry Potter- what’s the big deal? Some have a passion for white wines, while others have a passion for DIY crafts. That’s cool. I dig it. & even more, I want to hear about it! Regardless of what it is, how common or how quirky, passion is passion & that’s the only requirement.

“I don’t want to bore you talking about this.”

I remember when a different friend said that, pausing mid-sentence. Yes, I am a noob when it comes to vehicles, but the way my friend told his story, how he grew this interest in cars & how overtime his dad & him bonded over it, ’twas absolutely exquisite. I did have to use my imagination as he mentioned a variety of car parts & models, but the devotion in his voice allowed me to understand. & at that very moment, something in the atmosphere changed. I could have sworn he was glowing. I swear by it.

I remember our conversation. My friend did the speaking. & when she noticed this, my lack of response, it was just like that.. she stopped. I hadn’t been expecting the sudden interruption. I had been so embodied in her vehemence. It was enchanting. Her passion for a teensy bean is one-of-a-kind & yes, maybe the history lesson on coffee wasn’t something I, myself, could rave about the way she could, but I was perfectly content. The passion she held was beautiful. Her infatuation with the culture behind it may be something most (*cough* lame *cough*) people don’t give a shit about, but I wanted to hear it. The happiness that shot through her veins was contagious. Her genuine happiness provided me with genuine happiness.

& that’s just what passion does.

Neat, huh?

“Okay, so who is beautiful to you? Who are these girls you want to look like?”

I made a list aloud off the top of my head.

“You realize none of those girls you named look anything alike, right? They are different shapes & sizes & have completely different features.”

I had not realized this.

“Buuuut, what they do have in common is that they always seem to be smiling & have passions & ambitions & dreams.”

& suddenly it made sense to me.

Beauty shows itself through passion.

Here we are living in a society so obsessed with ourselves & bodies & looks. The extremes we go to physically…it’s absolutely insane. &I love my highlighter (so don’t get me wrong), but I swear one can intensify that glow in a way no palette can ever with a passionate attitude. Nothing is more attractive than a driven person, especially one with a genuine smile on their face.

A friend once caught me off guard when he asked me what I was passionate about. Such a simple question, right? Yet I did not have an answer I was satisfied with. It bothered me in ways I can’t explain. It took me over 48 hours: I have a passion for people (which explains my album full of polaroids of everyone I meet) &a passion for trying new things (which has proven to be the absolute best AND worst simultaneously).

& everyday I’m still learning about myself, still changing my mind, & discovering new passions–

it’s exhilarating.

Try it.


  • Loved this! Have you ever thought of blogging as one of your passions? For me it has definitely turned into that! I started it for that reason…. to have a hobby and something I could turn into a passion and be good at. Thank you for understanding that passion can extend outside of your career, too! Many people, from what I have realized, have a so-so job to just pay the bills and an outside passion and/or side hustle that really ights them up.

    • I absolutely love this comment because I’ve actually thought about blogging as a passion! I have debated whether it’s blogging itself that is the passion or if it’s a symptom of another passion (if that makes sense). The world & its peculiarities always leave me in a state of awe, so I turn to blogging as a way to express this aspect of myself.

  • I think this is something that everybody needs in thier life – to care, inordinately, about something. And it really can be almost anything, just having a passion for something makes me want to be around a person more. When someone is unabashed in that passion – they aren’t paying cool or down playing it to seem less intense or more normal, when they don’t care who knows about their pain, that is the most powerful.

  • I think this is something that everybody needs in thier life – to care, inordinately, about something. And it really can be almost anything, just having a passion for something makes me want to be around a person more. When someone is unabashed in that passion – they aren’t paying cool or down playing it to seem less intense or more normal, when they don’t care who knows about their passion, that is the most powerful.

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