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Happy 16 Years From Becoming President

Happy 16 Years From Becoming President

Hey everyone!!!! Today is Dylan’s 19th date of birth soooooo SHOUT OUT TO HIM!! 21 years away from living in the White House! Instead of hurling a million page biography of our last two and a half years together at you all, I’m just going to keep it short and simple! BUH-BAM:

It all started out with a tweet. I was having a crappy day & just like any normal sophomore would do, I turned to Twitter so I could vent to my closest strang- I mean friends. (That was sarcastic by the way). Well, my dramatic self who swore the world was coming to an end tweeted “I give up”. Pathetic, I know. Honestly, it must have not been that bad of a day because I can’t even remember why I was upset. Probably a first world problem that my current self would respond to with a “smh” or for the less text savvy “shaking my head”. Then *insert holy music* IT HAPPENED. Some random dude from twitter (well not completely random since we went to the same school) DMed me & talked to me until I could find a reason not to give up.  Yes, I know. This is soooooo incredibly cheesy especially since it was over twitter, but I swear one day it will inspire a Nicholas Sparks book. But all in all, this is how I learned that a person named Dylan O’Connell existed and I am very thankful I decided to follow him back on twitter or else he would not have been able to message me (God bless). Even though I had never met this guy, he was there for me since day one, & has been every day since.

I can never repay you Dylan, happy birthday.


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