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Yes, college in fact changes us children emotionally & mentally. Some of us experience transformations- sometimes in the upward direction of maturity & sometimes in the downward direction towards our graves (foreshadowing a young, imminent death). But what about the physical aspect????? Would you like to hear about that today?? If not, this is your warning to close this tab. If you’re actually interested, please proceed to scroll. (Aye extra brownie points for you *wink wink*)

  1. My pee officially smells like coffee. Do I drink too much coffee? Possibly. Can you ever really drink too much? Nah. Is this new scent good? Let’s just say that Yankee probably won’t be making a candle inspired by this scent any time soon.
  2. My posture straight sucks (puns L O L).  Lugging a HUGE bag around, sleeping on a lopsided bed, & ravin’ to the grave has led to a very pretty arch in my back. But I like to look at glasses half full rather than half empty, thus I’m choosing to see that arch as a metaphor. Maybe it’s symbolizing a rainbow. Always rainbows after rain kids- hashtag never forget hashtag just girly things hashtag tumblr hashtag hashtag.
  3. The pressure on my body has decreased. Throughout this semester, I have worked to not be so hard on myself; ’tis okay to not be perfect, simple as that. Yes, I am a bio major which requires hours & hours of energy dedicated to studying & class, but I’ve found a balance that still includes time for shenanigans. I did learn in chemistry that when elevation increases, the atmospheric pressure decreases…so um this could be what I’m truly feeling. Buuuttt, I definitely wouldn’t have retained this lovely fact if I would have spent all of my blood, sweat, & tears on school, completely disregarding what makes me happy. I left enough life in my brain to actually remember knowledge two weeks past the test. It’s great.
  4. My majestic, voluminous beard grows a lot faster now that I am a lumberjack (even without the daily watering & sun exposure). I think it’s an NAU thing. It’s sorta like a rite of passage into Flagstaff, yuh know. Rita Cheng sees you have a beard? Acceptance letter is officially on its way. Congrats.
  5. I’ve developed chronic bunion pain. YAAAYYY YIPPEEEEE YAAASSS I can finally relate to the bunion removal commercials on TV.. exciting right? Try not to be too jealous! Honestly, if anyone is to blame, it is definitely the NAU bus system. If it wasn’t so shitty, I wouldn’t choose to walk 3 miles to class in my wedges. Buuuutttt fashion requires endurance.& crying myself to sleep every night because of stabbing sensations in my innocent feet sounds less painful than attempting to navigate around campus via Louie Line.


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