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The Girl With The Avocado Tattoo

The Girl With The Avocado Tattoo

As many of you know, last May (18th birthday yay adulthood!!) I got my first tattoo! The amount of comments I’ve gotten since then… ha ha there’s been a whole lot. I’ve been asked why I have a pear on my leg. I’ve had people awkwardly say “oh. nice.” I’ve had people gloat over how cute it is. I’ve had people casually disapprove of it. The list goes on.

Well, first of all, lets get things clear here. I have an AVOCADO HALF tattooed on my leg. Secondly, there are two reasons I decided to do this.

This is my stupid Riley reason:

1) Avocados are amazing and taste good on everything. One time I tried it on pizza at Mellow Mushroom and died of happiness right then and there on the restaurant floor. Lets face it, avocados are truly a magical substance.

This is my “okay but in all seriousness” reason:

2) I struggle with confidence. My entire life I’ve stood right next to my identical twin sister and have been compared- “Your nose is bigger, your eyes are closer, you aren’t as tall, your hair is shorter, your face is rounder, etc. etc. etc.” No one has ever had bad intentions, but due to this, I have been aware of how I looked for as long as I can remember. Similar to many girls, I often finding myself picking my body apart, pointing out every flaw, rather than viewing my body as a whole and a temple that allows me to live. Today, society tells us to not be too thin, but also not too heavy, or not too tall, but also not too short, and not too feminine, but also not too masculine instead of just being ourselves. And I’ve had it. I want to be me. Soooo I decided to put an avocado on my thigh for a reason. An avocado is what people call “good fat”, thus whenever I am feeling insecure about my body (particularly my thighs), I can look down a be reminded that I am healthy and my body is healthy. Having fat in your body is essential regardless if the media says otherwise. My imperfections are what make me a unique individual and just because I don’t look exactly how I’m “supposed” to is nothing to be ashamed of. I think it’s very important that we all love ourselves for who we are.

I don’t care if you judge me for my tattoo or think the reasoning behind it is silly. It helps me and that’s all that should matter.unnamed-13

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