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The Farewell Friends

The Farewell Friends

Hello everyone. I’ve been using my blog to put down a lot of my random thoughts lately, so I apologize if anyone is annoyed! But when new obstacles & challenges block my path, words tend to come easy to me. And by writing them out, I can release these tangles in my brain & finally think clearly again…”so why not?” is what I’ve been telling myself. These posts are what I like to call “this took 10 minutes to write & you should probably waste 10 seconds reading it”

It’s funny the way friendships work. They can form within minutes- when you first meet someone and you suddenly feel like you’ve known them for a lifetime. Or they can take years- made up of small talk and quick glances, until you finally end up bonding over something silly. And they can end within seconds too- the moment someone loses their temper and in a heartbeat all the laughs and tears you shared are lost into the night. Or they can take years- you both slowly grow apart and the time spent with each other fades like the ink in an old pen, until you can no longer finish your story together. Like I said, friendship is funny. No friendship is quite the same. But I think that’s what makes each one a person acquires so important to them. Because it’s one of a kind, thus no one will ever be able to fully understand the special happiness you felt side-by-side or understand the deep pain you experienced when you were left in the cold. I’ve had many friends come and go over the years. And hell yes it hurts when a “good-bye for now” reveals itself as a “good-bye forever”. But as the wounds have healed, I’ve learned to appreciate the memories we’ve made, regardless of how it ended. The ending may have not been the same as your typical rom com movie, but the end shouldn’t even have a value. I mean who cares about the fall out? I don’t want to mask an incredible friendship with the part when we hit rock bottom. I don’t want to define the time we spent together as a mistake or classify it all as horrible. Because it wasn’t. That’d be a lie. The memories we’ve made are Tuesday afternoons I’ll always hold close to my heart. They are little moments I promise to always think about when I want to give up. They are flashes caught on my camera that will always make me smile. And all those scars you hear about in know the kind we reflect on with regret? I don’t see them as a permanent reminder of my mistakes. They are my permanent reminder that one day I went on an adventure. And maybe my pal is different now, but that’s okay. Because during our adventure, my pal was my pal. No strings attatched. I don’t care who they were before or who they became after. Because what matters is that we were friends. And I can’t thank my past friends enough for getting a taste of the world with me.

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