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A quick read about my quick thought.

-When it rains, it pours.

It’s kind of funny– I mean this September Phoenix had a whopping total of zero inches of rain, yet I still found myself drenched the entire month.

& it kinda sucked because I was never prepared. I never seemed to have brought my rain coat & I never invested in a cute yellow pair of rain boots & I always seemed to have my make-up & hair all made up when suddenly I’d hear the sound of thunder…

&next thing ya know, I’m a mess. Completely soaked.

& it’s so damn easy to lay down on the ground & just let your problems defeat you (this is a metaphor. I love laying on the floor, particularly after a long ass day or a warm shower. This is not the stellar experience I am talking about folks.)

But regardless of how rough the storm is, never stop going on walks.


You can interpret that as being a somewhat overly-used (I prefer the word clever) way of me saying “DON’T GIVE UP KIDS. STAY STRONG. RAINBOWS AFTER RAIN. *insert 2009 Facebook status*”

I am talking about actual walks.

Like move your feet along the Earth’s surface, get that flexion & extension at the hip, knee& ankle joints & at the front part of the foot, get that abduction & adduction at the hip joint& get that rotation at the knee &hip joints.

Maannn, that was a mouthful. But I am sure you get my point now. Walk. This is real walk.

ahhahahahaha see what I did there?? “walk” instead of “talk”

hahahah oh-so canny right?????

Okay, okay, I will shut up.

Taking walks are soooooooo damn underrated. Yeah it might not be that swagful (yes, I just said swagful) to hit your pals up with “ayyyeee wanna go for a stroll?”

…But then again, you can make it pretty bad ass.

*puts on shades*

*makes way downtown*

*walks fast*


*nods at strangers*

*wind suddenly changes directions*

For real though, I truly believe we all need an occasional walk. We all need a chance to breath some fresh air (well the quality is somewhat debatable). & maybe that means finding a nearby trail & connecting with nature. Or maybe it means walking across your apartment complex to take out the trash you’ve neglected for over a week, but low key choosing the long route so you can pass the cute boy with the cute dog.

I remember my friend Nicole told me that when I am at a loss of words, when my mind is discombobulated, when I’m losing touch with the present, to go outside. Absorb some Vitamin D. Notice your surroundings. Sometimes we get so caught up into ourselves, our problems, our mini universe, that we forget about the trees & the rocks & the dip in the road that we always curse at for slowly murdering our cars. & sometimes when we are overwhelmed beyond our limit & are on the verge of exploding, we simply need the breeze to slap some sense into ourselves.

I think its important to pay attention to the bric-a-bracs that lack any quality that would make them worthy of your attention. Hmmm sorta like the faded lanes that decorate the streets. Or sorta like the weeds you’ll catch your neighbor picking tomorrow morning, hunched-back & groaning. Or sorta like the sound of the bushes rustling.. & it might be because of the wind or because a venomous snake is about to fly out & eat you. Who knows. Or sorta like (like like like like like like hahah @ me when I’m doing presentations) the feeling of the little stones below your feet that are determined to make you roll your ankle at least once.

Just take a second to notice.

Just take a few minutes to go on a walk.

Even on the sunniest days, it rains– &when it rains, it does in fact pour.

But that’s your reason to go outside.

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