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Ri’s Christmas Challenge

Ri’s Christmas Challenge

Okay so yes Christmas is about a lot of things- love, appreciation, family, cookies… But lets face it. We can’t act like Christmas has nothing to do with presents (as much as our grateful selves try to convince everyone). Presents are one of my favorite parts of the holidays! Why should I lie about that? I love unleashing my creative side when I make gifts from scratch and buying silly gifts for my friends that I know we’ll still be laughing about a year from now! Most of all, I looooovvve watching the faces of people when they open their presents! Smiles are contagious and y’all know I have a thing for smiling.

The real struggle comes when you are trying to buy that special someone a present. You already have to get them something for their birthday, Valentine’s Day, your anniversaries, possibly Easter,  St. Patrick’s Day if you’re super Irish, and those random reminders you care about them every  few Wednesdays or so. That is a lot. And to make each gift one up the last, now that’s a whole other story that I don’t want to break your heart telling, so I will not and spare you some tissue (also saving the planet at the exact same time hell yeah). And then you find yourself at the mall unsure whether to get them the 5 million dollar watch or 5 dollar stuffed bear that’s wearing an ugly sweater. First world problems am I right.

Well, every year  I love doing Christmas Angels (because I absolutely looovvee presents). And to all you folks who have no idea what I am talking about: go to your local walmart right this second and grab one of the cards from the Christmas trees in the front of the store. Then you will know what I am talking about. So back to the point, I have a challenge for you 13. 7 readers of mine.

Ri’s Christmas Challenge (I put my name in front to make it seem official):

Instead of buying your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, tinder match, 7th grade facebook spouse, or even just your best friend  a present this year, do a Christmas Angel together. Make a fun date out if it. Y’all always seem to be looking for new date ideas! And what is more special than creating memories together? I guarantee you no gift can beat that. And no 5 million dollar watch or 5 dollar stuffed bear wearing an ugly sweater can beat the  huge smile on a child’s face as they see that Santa did come this year.  What I like to do is figure out around how much money you both were going to spend on each other (whether it’s $15 or $100) and both match that amount. Then put it together, head on over to the store, and look for the trees! And if you want to go above and beyond, choose a card towards the back of the tree. I know that kid that card belongs to in the back will reeeaaallllly appreciate that.

Every person who does this will add up. Even if it’s just two of you. That’s two more Christmas trees that won’t be bare. Or even if you don’t do it, but just learn that Christmas Angels do exist and happen to notice them next time you’re picking up groceries, I’m cool with that! But hey, I hope a few of you take this idea to heart. It’s something I’ve been doing for years now and have found that turning it into a date with your squad or your really good “friend” is a lot of fun! Trust me on this one.

I was going to end this post with a “Happy Holidays”, but then I realized I am better than that, so I’m leaving your here with a great Christmas pun instead:


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