And this is how my blog is revitalized. I experienced a drought in my life.. my desire to write shriveled. I did not entirely lose myself, but I did forget a piece of myself. Misplaced most likely. Somewhere. So I planted some blue flowers. Promise to forget-me-not.

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Putty, Please.

Putty, Please.

Okay guys I’m not exaggerating when I say you should invest $10-15 in what most of you are going to assume is a child’s toy.  Soooo read the rest of this before you judge me. I am apologizing now for my excessive use of exclamation points in this article, but this stuff makes me super excited. Here are 5 reasons you need Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty in your life:

  1. This was MADE FOR ADULTS- yeah you can buy it for children, but its original purpose is to help adults clear their mind in order to get through the day.
  2.  I have the biggest fidgeting problem…I always have to be moving whether it’s tapping a pencil or playing with a hair tie. And let me tell you, thinking putty isn’t annoyingly loud or distracting, you don’t have to worry about getting dirty looks from others!
  3. It’s a stress reliever! You can bend it, rip it, squeeze it, whatever you want! It’s like a stress ball but a million times more badass and fun. If you are still caught up in how great your reputation is (throwback to 7th grade), I guarantee you’ll instantly become the most popular person in your school, office, local Walmart or wherever you spend your time if you have this putty in your hand.
  4. THERE ARE SO MANY AWESOME COLORS. I’ll list a few categories: metallic, primary, electric, glow in the dark, precious metals and gems!!!!!!!!! There are some that change colors in the sunlight or from the heat of your palms!!!!!! They are so mesmerizing and pretty hipster for you hip people. (You could even coordinate it with your outfits if you’re just that fashionable).
  5. This may sound stupid, but after playing with the putty, you won’t feel obligated to wash your hands! It’s not sticky (so you won’t have that icky feeling on your skin)! Also, it’s odorless and it never dries out!!

My favorite color is called “Northern Lights” because it is iridescent and damn does it look cool. It’s actually the left one in the picture below! I’ve had a handful of strangers come over after seeing me with it because they wanted to experience the magic as well.  Instead of awkwardly staring at my phone when I’m alone, I’ll pull the putty out and BAM!! I have the perfect conversation starter ((no joke)). Type Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty in on google and you’re one step closer to reaching enlightenment. You are welcome.


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