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Typed this at 5:33 p.m., while taking a hot bath because it was so damn chilly outside. I only had until the water became room temperature (like 15 minutes) to finish this, so bare with me. You know, my blog has been quite serious lately since I keep deciding to post random *lame* works from my iphone notes, but yeeeaahh..I’ll try to bring the humor& bad puns back soon!! Anywho, when I write, I don’t follow conventions, I somewhat ignore grammar, & if you are analyzing my iambic pentameter, just know that you are going to be brutally disappointed to discover that I still don’t understand that 7th grade poetry lesson. I didn’t even try to make it flow crisply off the tongue. Life is a choppy mess, so why disguise it with grace & smoothness?? Oh, & shout out to all of you creatures who have inspired these posts–



He navigates his way into your night,

makes you cry, then asks for your number.


& here I am, sipping white wine;
the taste of his lips come back to mine.

I sink, can’t swim
Wet skin, feelings of sin
& my body clings to his…

sweet turbulence.

in a trans from his voice,
words that give you no choice–

your substance,
how it destroyed

“Just resist”
–lose control.
Kiss, sin,
breathe in,
our wet skin,
lights dim,
we glowed
our two souls
in the water
like diamonds.

He said he’d never give in to the desire within.
But he did.

& all pilots must take-off,
terminal two,
flies out of view–

He navigates his way into your dreams,
makes you cry, & returns to the horizon.

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