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“Myosotis scorpioides”

“Myosotis scorpioides”

I think we all encounter moments in our lives, whether abrupt or slowly over time, when we come to the conclusion that something needs to change. Sometimes it is as daring as packing up all of your belongings, buying a one-way ticket, & choosing to never look back.. while other times it is as little as deciding to crawl out of bed in the morning & internally declaring, “You know, today is going to be a good day. Today is a good day.”

Yesterday, the color blue stood out to me. So often depicted as sadness, yet there’s nothing that makes me more content than the blue skies, overcast or clear.. blue eyes, blue crayons, blue oceans, blue Gatorade (the best flavor don’t even try to brawl with me), blueberries,  AMFs *wink wink*. The color blue can represent the highest highs, the lowest lows, & all of the discombobulation inbetween. & this color introduced my wandering self to a flower ethereal in appearance.

“Myosotis scorpioides”

It rested in my palm. I knew this was my sign, my inspiration, my slap in the cheek.. this flower, the “forget-me-not”, shall be my pen as I script the next chapter in my existence.

Promise to not forget your old self, but to giddily rejoice in what you will come to be.

As of this summer, I have planted some forget-me-nots and will continue to nourish them with writing.

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