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How To Holiday With A College Student Budget Phase 2

How To Holiday With A College Student Budget Phase 2

Warning: There are high levels of sarcasm throughout this blog post. Please proceed with caution.

Well guys, it is still holiday time!!! And I still have no money!!!! I am sure many of you can relate (or at least are cautious spenders). Once again, I am here to heroically save the day! How (you are probably not asking)? I am going to pretend you did ask eagerly and tell you how. One word: PARTY. Just because you’re a little tight on cash doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the fun. It is ABSOLUTELY possible to throw a Christmas party on a college budget. Lemme show ya how itz dun:

  1. My first advice to you is to throw an “Ugly Sweater Party”. If you don’t have an old, dorky sweater in the back of your closet, drive on down to Goodwill. $5 later… you have your outfit! No need to spend a million dollars on some fancy smancy clothes. (Dude I just saved you a million dollars)
  2. Secondly, do a white elephant gift exchange! If you don’t know what that is, I promise Google will have all the answers you need. But basically you only have to buy one insanely cool yet strange $15 gift and you’re set! That saves you approximately $49087261 that you’d normally spend buying gifts for your 7824913 facebook friends. You can thank me later.
  3.  This is my most brilliant idea yet… *insert anticipation* … a BYOE party! In case you aren’t familiar with this term, it stands for “Bring Your Own Everything”. Have your guests bring everything. Like everything. Their own food, drinks, cups, plates, entertainment, shoes, oxygen, toilet, everything. Sounds fair enough to me. Am I right or am I right?
  4. Fourth, throw your party at someone else’s house! Now you no longer have to worry about damage to your belongings or liability if someone dies! Better yet, if your party gets boring, you can leave!!! Hell yeah! It’s gonna be a stress free kind of night!!! *raises the roof*
  5. Dog= cheap entertainment. Simple math.
  6. Save all the food that is left at the end of the night and use it as next week’s meals! Or right when the party starts, casually stuff enough food to last you a week or two in some plastic containers!!!! Genius.
  7. Lastly, download the free fireplace app on your phone. That’s free Christmas spirit. And maybe you can get away with turning down the heat if people think you’ve got a fireplace running (that’ll save you a couple bucks).

    I hope my advice helps as much as the advice in my last post (Phase 1) did. In all honesty you’d be crazy not to try any of these amazing ideas. Especially since it’s coming from a Christmas expert.

Phase Two of “How to Holiday” is complete. 

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