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About Me

About Me


Do you how do? (get yo butt outta here if you don’t know that reference)

One of the first things I remember reading in a book on how to start a blog was that in order to be successful, the blog needs to have one specific theme and target audience. Well kiddos, I don’t want to be successful *gasps* so my blog doesn’t have either of these things. Yes, it may be a wee bit spontaneous & a wee bit confusing at first glance, but unpredictability is what makes life interesting! Furthermore, I am not a grammar god & prefer to type in the same voice I normally speak in (which is basically illiterate), so bare with me (please forgive me past language arts teachers).

My name is Riley. Hi again.

I am an identical twin (you might know me as “the other one”). My favorite things include acai bowls, dogs, & dry shampoo. You can catch me spending my time running uphill, attempting to act, taking up space & trying new coffee shops.

I can’t keep a straight face for longer than 15 seconds & I laugh at all bad jokes, so if you need a confidence boost H M U.

And now let us get deep:


duh duh duhhh

The purpose of my blog is to help you lovely people build an understanding of not only the external world, but also our internal selves. I spent so much time & energy on the endless quest to find the perfect lifestyle to follow. The truth is there is no such thing as a “miracle” diet or one key to absolute satisfaction. In order to reach happiness I have found that living a life full of smiles and cups of chai tea lattes (don’t forget the almond milk) with a good pun every now and then is the best way to go!

Damn things just got serious fast. whoooo. I apologize if that last part caught yuh off guard. Shit.

Yours truly,